Invite Statuspage here.

What This Bot Stores

Upon being invited, Statuspage does not store any data, and no user-specific data is ever stored.

Why It's Stored & Who Can Access It

On an interval, Statuspage queries the Statuspage URL for new incidents. If there is a new incident, it gets the channel with the specified channel ID and sends a message to it detailing the new incident.
Your server ID is stored for the list command, which displays every Statuspage set up in the server, along with the channel it is assigned to.

This data is stored on a home server, which is only accessible by me (shay)

How to Remove It

The /remove command removes a saved Statuspage and the data associated with it. That data being:

You can also contact me (see the contact box below) to request data removal.


You can contact me via the support server.